We belive that Matrix protocol is the best option for instant messanging and it would become a standard in the future. However, by the end of summer 2017 there wasn't a lot of public catalogs presented, so matrixstats.org was started. We aim to make rooms more searchable and descriptive, so the users can explore thousands of rooms and become a part of the network shortly. Please, feel free to describe your experience or propose some features you may find interesting.


We use a bot to collect some information about the rooms. It covers a small subset of servers currently, but it would be expanded.

Related projects

A lot of interesting matrix projects can be found in +community:matrix.org and +matrix-community:kamax.io groups. Try Matrix Now page is also available.

International communities:


If you want to share some thoughts or ideas, please, consider the following contacts: This is an unofficial project. All the data are obtained from the public API.