Matrixstats is shutting down Nov 20, 2018

The current project scope become too large. A lot of moderation efforts required to maintain the catalog in a good shape. It quickly becomes unnaceptable for a new members.

While it's possible to continue without changes, the service is starting to conflict with initial project goals. It's not the practice we appreciate much.

Thank you for using the service.

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Heads Up: To talk, you need to register your nick! Announcements: go-ipfs 0.4.18 and js-ipfs 0.33 are out! Get them from and npm respectively! | Also: #libp2p #ipfs-cluster #filecoin #ipfs-dev | IPFS, the InterPlanetary FileSystem: | Logs: | Forums: | Code of Conduct:
This venue aims to provide a platform to discuss the Raiden Network and µRaiden. It does in no way represent the opinions of the Raiden Network or the µRaiden team or individual team members, or of Brainbot labs Est. and any of its affiliates (all together "Team"), nor do these assume responsibility for any content or statements made by third parties within this platform. This platform is not to be regarded as run or under the control of the Team.
Website: Resources:
The Official Matrix HQ - please come chat here! | | To support development: | Looking for hosting? Check out!
Riot and matrix-android-sdk discussion | dev build: | become a beta tester:
The Internet of Blockchains
Current: 0.8.0 | FAQ: | Run your own IRC bridge: | bridged to #matrix-irc on freenode
To access the other Slack channels, and to see automated messages, sign up at
Help with setting up and running Synapse | Current: 0.33.8 | For questions about developing on Matrix, please join | File bugs at | Announcements in
Secure Access For Everyone -- -- -- - Particl is an open-source, decentralized privacy platform | FAQ: | Communities: | Blog:
Synapse release announcements | For support please use | Stable: v0.33.8
We have moved to come join us there
3rd Party Network Bridging in general  | For IRC-specific matters see also | bridged to
To access the other Slack channels, and to see automated messages, sign up at
Discussion around implementing and using encryption in Matrix via Olm/Megolm | Spec work and reference impl work in
the main announcements room for journal, the blogging platform built on [matrix] -
Riot/iOS, matrix-ios-kit and matrix-ios-sdk discussion | TestFlight build:
Discussion of and around the Decentralized Web Summit conference in SF |
Room of project ; or for issues/updates ; Howtos, tutorials at
Hey, we're Bridged to discord:
连接了两个Telegram群,一个RetroShare聊天室,一个TOX转发bot,所有消息都会自动相互转发,跨软件聊天,主题不限,但是非开车群。 各种分布式工具交流群,TOR/I2P/RetroShare/zeronet/zerotier/bt sync/resilio sync。 我们的目标是用分布式工具实现资源、信息的流通。 TG两个群: TOX转发bot: 5EE85FD7B4B6BD8FD113A1E8CC5853A233008B574E07F2CC76A7EA43AE24AE0754DBD6B8FD3F
Discussion of Ruma, a Matrix homeserver, client, and supporting libraries written in the Rust programming language.
Dendrite doesn't exist yet, nothing to see here :) -- for work on making it exist, see | Progress:
General talk about FOSS/linux/censorship/etc., we sometimes talk about Telegram ;-) || Bridged to Telegram: and IRC: #telegram-foss (freenode) || Source: || Release:
Privacy, resilience, choice.
To access the other Slack channels, and to see automated messages, sign up at
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