Matrixstats is shutting down Nov 20, 2018

The current project scope become too large. A lot of moderation efforts required to maintain the catalog in a good shape. It quickly becomes unnaceptable for a new members.

While it's possible to continue without changes, the service is starting to conflict with initial project goals. It's not the practice we appreciate much.

Thank you for using the service.

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Просьба ничего здесь не писать. Для общения есть комната
A global network of Verified Ecological Outcomes in service of planetary regeneration.
Русскоязычное сообщество пользователей | Matrix FAQ:
Political discussion and debate | No racism/hate speech, trolling, or threats of any kind allowed. Terrorists will be banned on sight | No pro-Venice sentiments allowed | If you commit any of these, you're an idiot -
General Anarchist Discussion; Be civil
There is no topic available. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam sagittis augue quis velit hendrerit volutpat. Maecenas imperdiet augue libero, laoreet malesuada massa dignissim a. Pellentesque sit amet turpis non lacus auctor ultricies in eget odio.No topic available
Part of the community | Comrades in internationalist struggle and organizing to end colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism | Always apply the analytical frameworks of dialectical materialism, historical materialism, revolutionary theory, intersectionality, critical race, postcolonial feminism, and radical politics. Hacktivism, Cyberpunk, CypherPunk, Cryptography, Darknets, Free Culture, Anarchism, Social change, Free Software, Decentralization, Anti Capitalism, Open Source, Anarcho-hackers  WE ARE IN #HISPAGATOS msg for a invite
Puhetta piraateista, puhetta politiikasta; offtopic-jorinat muualla. Operatiivisen toiminnan koordinointi huoneessa. | Kaivatessasi käyttäjää ]o[:n tai T4:n läpi, aloita nimimerkki @-merkillä.
За свободу некоммерческого обмена информацией!    
iownall555 decrees that #lmrofftopic is the new official channel for /r/linuxmasterrace | Please ping iownall555 in all matters | Off Topic channel for #linuxmasterrace | Politics and ban complaints welcome | Muista |
Welcome to unofficial /r/anarchism chat room
General discussion - kicking "Google campus" out of Kreuzberg, and Google out of our lives! - Wiki needs Love: - IMPORTANT: This channel is UNENCRYPTED and PUBLIC. Create new chats then activate encryption for more private setups. Also #FuckOffGoogle on Freenode/IRC
Reducing our harm to animals and the Earth
Redneck Revolt - Anarchist Rifle Collective - Socialist Rifle Association | for encryption
Partido Pirata do Brasil -