Matrixstats is shutting down Nov 20, 2018

The current project scope become too large. A lot of moderation efforts required to maintain the catalog in a good shape. It quickly becomes unnaceptable for a new members.

While it's possible to continue without changes, the service is starting to conflict with initial project goals. It's not the practice we appreciate much.

Thank you for using the service.

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 Welcome to /Improv/, a room dedicated to fostering a community with the like-minded goals of self-improvement in any/all aspects of life. We discuss a variety of topics, including fitness, both physical and mental. Rules: Do not break any global rules. In the interest of maintaining a high-signal to noise ratio, please leave shitposts for other rooms.  In addition to rule #2, keep discussions on-topic and in relation to posts made about self-improvement. Some deviation is fine, but know when you're crossing a line.  Keep discussion reasonably civil. Disagreements are fine, swearing should be refrained.
TrueOS - FreeBSD OS with ZFS & a Rolling Distro'. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• Room is "World Readable" or what IRC people call "Logged": ••• Listed:! ••• For sharing: • • ••• Keywords/Tags: #TruOS #PC-BSD #FreeBSD #RollingDistro #RollingDistribution #ZFS ••••
Canal para las gestiones previas a la carrera del fin de semana. Toda la info del torneo la podéis encontrar en
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