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let's build mesh network in Lviv, Ukraine? (Львів, Україна). Status: 0 nodes. Nobody is interested, because the internet in Ukraine with 100 Mbps international traffic costs $4. I will install libremesh again later (2019), maybe on Xiaomi mini/ Xiaomi 3G. Група для обговорення створення однорангової мережі.;; #802.11s #ad-hoc
Discussion of implementation of Television Whitespace networking & mesh networking; and where to buy TVBDs, or how to use SDRs/GNURadio, hacking low cost dongles, et cetera. — IEEE 802.22 WRAN & IEEE 802.11af TV Band Device WLAN. ••• ° ° ••• Temporary home of 915 MHz IEEE 802.11ah discussion and Unlicensed bands where data is allowed, other than 2.4GHz or 5 GHz. Discuss those in a mesh room that has no idea about other bands, whereas they wonder about range limitations. But is okay. ° ° ° ° ••• Room is "World Readable" → ••• Stat's & Long Topic, et cetera:! ••• For sharing: ° ° ° []( ••• HashTags: #TVWS #TVWhiteSpace #TelevisionWhiteSpace #TVBD #TVBandDevice #TelevisionBandDevice #TVBDs #TVBandDevices #TelevisionBandDevices #IEEE802.22 #802.22 #IEEE802.11af #802.11af (also 915MHz #IEEE802.11ah #802.11ah ) ••••