Matrixstats is shutting down Nov 20, 2018

The current project scope become too large. A lot of moderation efforts required to maintain the catalog in a good shape. It quickly becomes unnaceptable for a new members.

While it's possible to continue without changes, the service is starting to conflict with initial project goals. It's not the practice we appreciate much.

Thank you for using the service.

Rooms by #AVoid5nsfw tag

AVoid that fifth glyph that sits amid D and F. \n Laws: AVoid fifthglyph! Fifthglyphs in links you can pardon, as I can't think of anything to do about it. Also no cussing! Go to for that. All of us would wish for you to modify your nick to shun fifthglyph, but I know that in Matrix, your display nick would modify in *all* rooms you join, so it's okay if  your nick contains fifthglyph. Bonus points if it don't. Happy chatting!