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Tux lives here | German-speaking channel: | <Shadow53> I vote calling it GNU/{Wayland,​Xorg}/​{bash,​zsh,​ash,​fish,​sh,​{t,}csh,​ksh}/​{GNOME,​Plasma,​MATE,​Xfce,​LXDE,​LXQt,​Enlightenment,​Unity}/​{dpkg,​rpm,​urpmi,​eopkg,​pisi,​portage,​make install}/​{Intel,​AMD,​Nvidia}/​{glibc,​musl,​libc}/​Linux
iownall555 decrees that #lmrofftopic is the new official channel for /r/linuxmasterrace | Please ping iownall555 in all matters | Off Topic channel for #linuxmasterrace | Politics and ban complaints welcome
An exciting new matrix room for an exciting new dawn of exciting Linux MAGAZINES. It's very exciting. In accordance with #linuxformat tradition, the topic title will never, ever be changed.
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See also: | Free Software (popularly marketed as Open Source, OSS, FOSS, or FLOSS) and related topics such as GNU, GPL, Linux, FSF, DRM, OSI, BSD, hacking, digital rights, user (computing ) freedom, decentralization, peer-to-peer (P2P), etc.
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