Matrixstats is shutting down Nov 20, 2018

The current project scope become too large. A lot of moderation efforts required to maintain the catalog in a good shape. It quickly becomes unnaceptable for a new members.

While it's possible to continue without changes, the service is starting to conflict with initial project goals. It's not the practice we appreciate much.

Thank you for using the service.

Rooms by #techsupport tag

Welcome to the official Apple fanboy club • We are NOT Tech Support - this channel is for the discussion of technology. If you are looking for tech support, click on #techsupport • Asking for illegal download links will earn you a swift ban • No NSFW • Ping Chromius or duk242 if you need anything or see something you don't like
Welcome to ##techsupport! | Do not ask for help or specific skills, just state your issue. | For verbose descriptions, use a pastebin or a link to your /r/techsupport thread. | Generic nicks must be changed by typing /nick <nickname>. | Please be patient and don't spam.